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 Unit Size

Equivalent To:

This unit will hold:


(50 square feet)

Walk in Closet

Small amounts of furniture, Sofas, chairs, chest of drawers with your box spring and mattress.


(100 square feet)

Half of a one car garage

One to two-bedroom apartment furniture and boxes without appliances.


(150 square feet)

Two thirds of a one car garage

A two-bedroom apartment including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items.  


(200 square feet)

Standard one car garage

A three bedroom house with Major appliances, plus lots of boxes and your shed items like a lawnmowers and shovels etc..



(300 square feet)

Standard Two car garage

A four to five bedroom house with major appliances plus lots of boxes and your shed items. Popular with contractors.


(600 square feet)

 Large Shop

 Great for boats with ski towers and small RV's