We offer BOTH Climate Control Storage and Traditional Storage

Why Choose Climate Control Storage?

Before you fill your storage unit you should understand that certain items should be stored in Climate Controlled storage to prevent damage. 

When deciding what unit works best for you, keep in mind that Idaho's temperature and moisture fluctuations can cause damage to delicate items.

Electronics, artwork, antique or expensive wood furniture, media storage equipment (dvd/vhs/vinyl records), medical supplies, and anything collectible should be stored in a climate controlled setting.

Our climate controlled building is a walk in building so the entry and exit doors are not exposed to the outside elements whatsoever.

Why Choose Traditional Units?

Traditional Storage is suitable for items not affected by changes in temperature or humidity.  

Due to the lack of temperature control, traditional storage experiences both the low temperatures of the winter as well as the high temperatures of the summer. While this is perfectly fine for the majority of your belongings, some more delicate items such as wood furniture, wines or electronics may be damaged by these extreme temperatures.

The key attraction to traditional storage is that it is the more affordable storage solution compared to temperature controlled storage, and is more than adequate for the majority of all items that need to go into storage.